Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today is the first day of my 3rd trimester. :) Finally made it here! It feels like time is dragging on pretty often so I am excited about any milestone at this point. Haha.
Let's see, anything new to share?...
...Chris and I have started working on the nursery. We got our paint and we have been prepping the walls this week. Hopefully he can start painting by this weekend. We are excited cause Chris's parents bought our lil' boy a crib which should be coming in very soon so we will get to start putting that together too.
Can you tell the nesting is setting in? :)
...I am trying not to freak out over weight gain right now. That is sort of an issue for me but I think I am doing alright at this point.
...I have another appointment next week. I have to do the glucose test thingy which I hear is not so fun cause it tastes gross but I'm not really worried about it. My doctor said at my last visit that it was extremely unlikely that I would have gestational diabetes but that everyone gets tested so we would make sure anyway.
...I am getting closer to settling on Zachary Paul for the baby's name. Chris loves this name. I like it too but haven't been able to settle 100% on Zachary. I still want to have another name for back up in case I don't think he looks like a Zachary once I see him, haha, but so far that is where we are leaning.
...Our lil' boy is around 2 pounds now and should be around 14.5 inches. His facial features are mostly developed by now too. I wish I could see what he looks like! :) Hopefully at some point we get the 3D/4D ultrasound but I haven't really talked to the Dr. about it yet so I don't know when or if yet.
...He is still extremely active. Always moving it seems like. It's funny to just lay there and watch sometimes. My whole stomach is moving around. Haha. It makes me feel like an alien or like I don't have control of my own body or something...which I honestly don't right now. :) It's so cool though to know that it's our own little baby in there and it's always reassuring to feel movement as opposed to not feeling any. I just can't imagine what it will be like when its a 7 lb baby prodding me from the inside instead of just 2 lbs. Oh my! :) Guess I will know what it's like soon enough!

Maybe we will have nursery pictures to share soon.

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  1. Ok honestly, you look fabulous so don't stress about the weight thing. And remember, you're supporting another human in there so as much weight as you need to gain to keep your lil boy healthy is the right amount! Your doctors will keep an eye out and let you know if they feel you're gaining too much. I kept asking mine if I was gaining too much because of all the rude comments and they always said I was doing wonderfully. I've gained right around 40 - most of which is probably water weight.

    Isn't it fun to start gettin the nursery done? It's good you're doin it so early cause I've come to realize 3 weeks before the due date isn't really the most ideal time to do that. Haha. :)

    Congrats on getting into the 3rd trimester!!!

    Oh, and I didn't think the glocose drink tasted bad at all.

    We'll have to get together after Zachary is born - are you gonna call him Zachary or Zach? I've been telling Ladybug about him and she can't wait to meet him! ;)