Thursday, July 30, 2009

Charlie Bit Me

If you haven't seen this youtube video you need to cause its great. 
I don't know if you can upload the videos on these blogs cause I'm not smart enough, so I just put the link. 

Friday, July 24, 2009

21 wks

So this is 21 wks. I'm not really a fan of the pictures I take at this point in my life but hey, it's life and my baby is in there so it's great. :)  
Not much new to tell. Doctors office called and my thyroid activity is being regulated well with the medication they put me on so thats good. I DID have to fill my headache med. prescription but praise the Lord - it works!! I haven't had relief from a headache in 5 months so I am satisfied even though I don't really like having to take something. 
We ARE gonna tell if it's a boy or girl but haven't gotten to talk to my brothers yet so patience please. ;) 
I am excited about the fact that I only have 19 wks left....thats on the opposite side of 20 so it makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere. Haha. ...I know the hardest part is yet to come but I just wanna get to 9 months safely...and if time could go a little faster that would be awesome. ;) 

One more for the road - I cut my head off in it on accident but it shows the belly alright. :) 


Sunday, July 19, 2009

20 Week Appointment

Chris and I went for my 20 wk appointment this last Thursday. I am halfway there!! SOO glad to be over that hump and on the other side. :) 
The news: Everything looks great according to the doctor. She said all the fluids around the baby were perfect, the organs and limbs and spine looked perfect and the size (11 oz) was perfect. Heart beat was also good. She said my weight gain was just right too but I'm not sharing what it is. :) 
Annnnnnnd YES we did find out what we are having. Annnnnnnd you just might be in luck if you want to know what it is because we aren't so sure that not telling people is going to work out. Actually, I already used a pronoun today that gave it away to one person, haha, but only once. 
So, if you want to know you can probably find out in the next couple of weeks but we aren't 100% sure what we are doing yet. 
We also thought we had settled on names for both a boy and a girl but I think I am backing out of the name we chose so we are back to square one on that too. :) 
I've had some pretty nasty headaches so the doc gave me a prescription but I haven't filled it yet cause knock on wood I haven't had one in over a week and she said that most people stop having them so bad after 22 weeks so I will wait and hope I don't have to take anything. (Tylenol does NOTHING).
Other than that the only interesting info is that our baby apparently moves around more than average. The ultrasound lady kept commenting about how active it was the whole time and so Chris asked the doctor if there was any correlation between that and overactive/hyper children. She said that they have just started doing research on that so there isn't really any evaluation at this point but that HER baby was very active in the womb and is NOW a VERY active we shall see. She said that since Chris and I both seem pretty calm we will probably have a calm child, but I say that's not always true. So we will just wait and see. It sure does move around all the time though. :) 
I keep forgetting to take pictures, I need to. I will post some soon. People are definitely able to tell now...although it's still pretty hard to tell when I am in certain scrubs. 
We and very thankful for the good news and hope things keep going well. :) 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation 2009

We got to go on vacation 2 weeks ago and boy was it a trip. Lots and lots of driving, but it was fun and way better than flying (because I hate flying). 
We drove to New Jersey the first day and spent some time with Chris's friend Mark. It was great for them to catch up and nice for me to get to know Mark a little more because I had only met him at the wedding before now. 

After that we headed to New York City where we met up with Chris's parents and brothers for a couple of days. We spent some time in the city - 
did some walking and site seeing, 

relaxed in central park, 

and visited the Museum of Natural History. 

From there we stopped in Connecticut to see some family friends of the Kauffman family. We ate dinner with the Pecks and had a great time just hanging out. 

Finally made it to Boston from there where we stayed with Kyle and Matt (Chris's bros) the rest of the time. We went downtown/site seeing, did some shopping (specifically picked up a couple of Red Sox items for the baby), did lots of sleeping in, and hung out with the family. (PS - new transformers move = waste of time). 

THEN we got to drive back...the trip up had a few stops, which was nice. We decided to take a different route home because on the way up we got stuck in DC traffic for over 2 hours. We left Boston at 6 am, and drove, and drove, and drove.... and drove. As of now I despise Virginia and Pennsylvania because they take a million hours to cross. :) We ended up stopping somewhere in North Carolina around 7pm (yeah 13 hours of driving with few quick stops) where we got a hotel for the night. It ended up being really nice because it was a brand new Fairfield Inn and it was just a really nice last night of vacation to relax, do some swimming, get some sleep and get a free huge breakfast. :) 

I did fine throughout the vacation. I was kind of sore after sitting in the car so long both ways (especially in my neck which spurred on some headaches) and I had to do a lot of stopping and sitting in New York but other than that, no problems other than an ankle blister. :) Now if I could just get back into my routine of getting up early and working all day. :) 

There's a lot going on the next several weeks. Our new senior pastor is finally coming next week. We are pretty pumped and looking forward to that. Chris has some activities coming up at work and we will finally get to start doing some decorating in the baby's room once we know what it is...we just have to lock sneaky people out of the room so they don't try to find out the sex. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

18 wks

This is from about 16 and 1/2 weeks along. It's finally starting to show! :) So far, everything is still going well. I have had some pretty bad headaches off and on which is annoying because Tylenol does nothing to help and I can't take anything else, but other than that everything is good. I DID get sick for the first time a few weeks ago...but it wasn't normal morning sickness (which I haven't had at all). I actually just took my medicine (for thyroid which they started me on for the rest of the pregnancy and my vitamin) on an empty stomach, went to eat something a few minutes later, and needless to say, no more medicine on an empty tummy for me anytime soon. :) Around this point I was having some MAJOR sweet tooth cravings. Fruity candy please!!! :) But I tried to keep it under control. 16 wk doctors appointment went great. Dr. says everything is going well. We opted out of the blood testing for downs syndrome, etc. because my doctor assured me that we would be able to tell if that was a concern from the 20 wk ultrasound and because it most definitely doesn't change anything about whether we have the baby or not, I don't see the point. Apparently the blood test is USUALLY accurate but often reads positive when it shouldn't and I know I am the type to worry like crazy over things like that so we would prefer to avoid that possibility. :) 

PS - I am currently almost 20 weeks and will post after our 20 wk appointment this Thursday. But DON'T get too excited...YES we will be finding out the sex of the baby but we are keeping it a secret so there will be no giving it away. :) 

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hello friends! Chris and I thought that the easiest way to make sure that our family and friends that don't live close by can keep up with what's going on in my pregnancy and with our baby when he or she finally comes would be through a blog so here ya go! I have attached a post below that I put on my old blog when I was almost 12 weeks along. I DO have some new pics and info to add and I hope to do so soon. Welcome to the Kauffman Family Blog! :) 


Okay so I know you can't really tell too much maybe, but I can. :) (and I'm not even poochin' it out in that pic).
Here is my question tho....How can my tummy be getting bigger and I STILL haven't gained any weight?? I guess they say that's normal but I just don't get it. Weird. 
Anyway, this is about 11 and 1/2 weeks along. Made it to 3 months! 
I went to the Dr. this last week cause of some weird pain I was having. They wanted to see if I had a bladder infection which it doesn't look like I do and I'm not really having any problems anymore so hopefully that was that. The cool thing was they did an unscheduled ultrasound just to be sure everything was ok with the baby and I got to see it move! That may not be a big deal to all of you who have seen that lots of times but I wasn't expecting it and it was so cool. I asked the tech. if she was doing that (haha) and she said no it was the baby. It did not apparently want its heart rate checked because it would turn away and face its back to us every time she tried to get it. Eventually, we got some cooperation tho and everything looked good. We have 2 arms and 2 legs, haha, so thats nice to know. :)  
6 more months...this takes forever. ;) It is nice to start noticing some changes though.