Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catch Up Again...

So I am a bad blogger other words I don't blog. I feel like I post so many pics on facebook that show a little bit of what we are up to and then I don't feel like writing a blog about everything else. :) BUT, I know I will appreciate the details later so I really should keep it up even if no one else is reading it.

First things first - we went for my 20 wk OB appointment and found out that we are going to have another little boy! Zach was with us for the appointment...he was more interested in playing on the rolly stool, but he said "yes" when we asked him if he wanted a brother (which is much better than the usual "NO!" when we ask him if he wants us to have a baby). Zachary has started going to preschool 2 mornings a week. He loves it - especially the big playground. I'm hoping it will be good for his social skills cause he really isn't around kids his age very much outside of church. He has adapted well, still has the occiasional fit at drop off (he loves riding in daddy's truck so much that he doesn't want to get out of said truck on some mornings) but other than that things are going well.

He has already picked up some new habits that I am pretty sure came from school. He now says "uh-uh" and "uh-huh" for yes and no and I don't know where else it would have come from. We are working on keeping up the "yes" and "no" vocab at home. He has also had some extra attitude problems but we've gotta deal with them sometime and the terrible twos are already approaching so....bring it on. ;)

Seriously though his manners have also improved (ironically) and I know they have been working on that at school so there are many positives. You should hear him say thank you. Usually goes something like: "OHHHHH Tank Ooo!!" and he doles it out to anyone for just about anything so thats good.
He also got to finally wear his cute little rain jacket to school the other day...I was more excited than he was, but it was so cute. :)

This last week has been a tiring one. Chris got REALLY sick over the weekend so Zach and I spent a lot of 1 on 1 time together. Saturday morning I took him to the all famous Irmo Okra Strut Parade (not as good at the Chapin Labor Day Fest by the way) and we had a good time. He watched most of the parade from my lap and we got to see a real train go by about 5 feet in front of us on the tracks so he was pretty excited about that.
After the parade I thought I was going to die. Haha. All I did was take my kid to a 2 hour event and I felt like I had run a marathon. Being half way through a pregnancy and doing anything extra is almost too much at this point - at least when doing anything extra involves a 21 month old. :) Zachary spent the rest of that day with Gram and Pops which was lovely for him and for me...and daddy too.

Chris is finally getting back to normal now. He isn't sick anymore but has needed a couple of days to get some strength back (the jerk lost 5 lbs. during his illness which I myself consider a very rude thing to do when your wife is forced to steadily gain for the next 20 wks.) ;) In all seriousness though I am very glad he is feeling better and I SO appreciate how much he does to help take care of Zachary and me and our home, especially through this pregnancy which has been quite different from the last one. I was so tired and nauseous the first trimester that I wondered if I would ever be anything but a lazy bum ever again, but fortunately I have gotten my energy back and no longer feel sick to my stomach so I am able to get most of my normal activities done again (which is a relief to Chris I am sure). I just have to rest after a few hours with Zach by myself. :)

So 19 more weeks til I'm full term, 1 and 1/2 weeks until Chris has an all day basketball camp to set up his basketball leagues for the winter, and 4 and 1/2 weeks until we go apple picking with our parents in Hendersonville (I am really looking forward to that so the leaves better be changing by then). I LOVE AUTUMN!
Oh, and I can't believe Zachary will be 2 in 2 months....

And here is a 21 wk prego pic...the first one I've taken this time around, poor Baby Kauffman #2. I'm not a fan of these pics but people ask so this is what you get. :)
And there is your update!