Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa Pic

We headed up to Simpsonville for Christmas eve/day to spend it with Chris's parents. It was very nice and relaxing which was much needed. :)
While we were there we went to HollyWild animal park to see the christmas lights and animals. It was HILARIOUS. I wish the pictures had turned out better but basically there is a section of the park where you drive in and feed animals bread out of your car....and I'm not just talking deer. We fed zebras, horses, BISON, emus, ostriches, and other animals that I don't really know what they are. The brave ones would stick their heads RIGHT in the car. It was so funny....especially when the bison, which was huge, kept following along the side of the car everywhere we went and the Zebra started trying to eat Chris's moms hair. Very unexpected but worth the trip.
They also had a petting zoo area where Santa happened to be, so we got Zach's picture with him. I'm not gonna lie.....Santa creeps me out a little but he really was a nice guy, just had a new grandbaby himself. :) It's not the best quality pictures cause it was a print we scanned in.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Can't believe Zach will be a month old tomorrow!!! Crazy. Still working on that sleep schedule.....which means there isn't one. He eats every 30 minutes a lot of times when hes awake and sleeps sometimes for 3 hrs at a time at night and sometimes for only an hour at a's a toss up. They tell me some day that will get better. ;) Obviously Zach was very enthused about Santa...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Zachary

So I don't have much time for blogging these days. I am still getting used to being a new mommy and trying to figure out this new sleeping schedule. ( I haven't mastered the "sleep when he sleeps" routine yet). But I thought I would post a little something.

This 1st picture is Zachary at home this last week. He is pretty cute if I do say so myself. When he was first born (Nov 30th at 3:30pm, 8lbs!) we thought he looked like my side of the family cause his nose was pudgy and he had chubby cheeks, but once his nose popped out a little it was clear that he is a Kauffman boy. :) This is Zachary at the hospital. I love him!
Annnnnnnnnd this is Chris's baby picture.
I couldn't find a great one of Zachary where they are in the same position but I'm sure we have some cause he keeps his hands just like this a lot of the time. :) Can you see the similarities?? The eyes, and mouth and hair line, and chin are all the same. So cute! Only thing is at this point Zachary's hair is looking kinda reddish tinted...we shall see!
Eventually I will find time to post more. :) I should be sleeping right now....