Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Chris and I have been talking about how excited we are about seeing our baby and seeing the different ways that he is a mix of us.
Some babies/children don't really look like their parents much, but usually there are at least some similarities.

.... I just think it would be great if our baby gets Chris's hair. :)

I love those curls! I just wanna squeeze him! :)

I had an appointment today. I'm still measuring well and doing fine. My numbers on the 3 hour glucose test were MUCH lower than the 1 hr test, which is good but weird how that worked out. I have been having some false contractions but no real ones yet. I honestly didn't know that it was possible to be having real ones yet but apparently it is. Other than that I have just been increasingly uncomfortable. I guess I didn't expect much more discomfort until closer to the end but I guess I am getting bigger all the time and so is he so it's bound to happen.

The baby is head down and hopefully stays that way. That does explain the increased pressure on my bladder recently...there is a head pushing on it. :)

They want me to get a flu shot....boooooooo!! I REALLY was hoping that wouldn't come up because I NEVER get a flu shot and NEVER get the flu. I talked to the doctor about it and she said I certainly don't have to but that they strongly recommend it because if you DO get it while you are pregnant there are far worse problems than if you aren't pregnant. Also, there are immunoglobins (sp?) in the shot that actually strengthen your immune system and those pass to the baby which helps it have a stronger immune system as a newborn. Since it will still be flu season when the baby is born that would be a good thing. I will probably go ahead and get it but I'm not too excited about it. I'm afraid that it will somehow make me more likely to get the flu in the future and since I never have it, I don't want to do anything that could alter that. Decisions, decisions. :(

Other than that things are going well. I am very excited that the weather is getting cooler and have even had the windows open some which I hope doesn't end up making me sick but I just LOVE it. I am so excited that autumn is here! It's my most favorite.
My sister and her husband are coming next weekend and she and my mom are throwing me a shower. I am very excited and happy to get to see them!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Chris and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday. We went to one of our favorite restaurants - Miyos. Yummy! It was a very nice night with the most wonderful husband on the planet (in my opinion). :)
Wednesday marked 30 weeks for me. Yay!! Finally out of the 20's. :) I really can't believe I still have 10 weeks to go but at least we are getting there. :)
Lil' Zachary is a crazy mover. I can feel him kicking my ribs a lot and he seems to think he can move my pelvic bone if he hits it hard enough. :) I have been able to feel when he has the hiccups recently which is funny. I have another appointment next week so hopefully things are still going well. As far as I can tell they are. Just getting bigger and bigger....I dont see how I'm supposed to get bigger for over another 2 months....
Also, my friend Susan is in labor RIGHT now and I am very excited for her...even though I'm sure she is just ready to be through this part right now. I can't wait to see what her ladybug looks like! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Glucose Testing

Guess who got to take the 3 hour glucose test?? That's right...me. :) I was totally not even concerned about it cause I was sure the results from my 1 hour test would be normal. But they weren't....barely. The "cutoff" for normal on the glucose test is 130...my test came back 132. (So close!)
So Chris and I went bright and early wednesday morning (up at 5:30) so I could do the 3 hour test. He was so nice to keep me company! :) The drink was even sweeter....and I now see why people say it's gross. It's not so much that the taste is bad per say...its just soooooooo sweet that it makes you feel sick. And sick I did feel. :) But I held it down. For some reason it gave me REALLY bad reflux though.
I made it through the fasting and the multiple needle stabbings and finally got to eat and got some sleep.
Found out yesterday that my numbers were normal this time which is GREAT news cause I definitely didn't want to have gestational diabetes.
Just a little bit of news for ya! Another appointment in 2 weeks.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

28 weeks and stuff :)

Chris and I went up to stay with his parents on Labor Day. It was nice to get away and to see them, especially since we prolly won't be making many trips for a while once the baby comes so we were happy to get the chance now.
While we were there we got to stop and see Susan and Sep. Susan was my roomie in college and she is also pregnant. She is very close to her due date (lucky) :) It was nice to get to hang out for a while. We definitely did lots of baby talkin. Hope it is ok with you that I posted these pics Susan. :)
Here is me and Susan! And "Ladybug" and Zachary Paul of course! :)
Lily went with us to their house. They have a dog named Suka. It looks like they are getting along but it took a lot to get this picture. Suka was tryin to be the lady of the house and Lily was being a pansy so they pretty much were not best friends. It was funny to watch though.

k so this is 28 weeks and a few days. Getting bigger and bigger. Able to wear less and less of my wardrobe. Haha.

Chris's parents bought Zachary his crib and it came in this week. Chris and I put it together and I love it. It looks great! It didn't take us too long to do it either.

I went for my 28 wk appointment and Dr. said everything is still great. I'm measuring well and so far no major problems. I did the glucose test and they were supposed to call me Friday with the results but I didn't hear from them so I will call Monday to make sure everything was fine.

Other than that I have just been more uncomfortable at times. I don't sleep through the night - ever, without waking up cause something hurts. Haha. It's not that bad though. And I have started having pretty bad acid reflux the last few days but Tums has taken care of it so far. I have never had that problem before so I'm sure it's related to the pregnancy, I know its pretty common. I just hope it doesn't mean the baby has Chris's reflux problems....no thanks on the projectile vomitting. ;) We shall see!

I have also been dreaming about giving birth a lot lately. It's not realistic though cause it's pretty effortless and painless in my dreams. Haha! I wish!

3 more months to go!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


We got the nursery all painted in the last couple of days. It's so nice to feel like at least something is done. :) It's still just an empty room at this point but at least its all ready to set up. We love how it turned out!

Lily loves it too. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today is the first day of my 3rd trimester. :) Finally made it here! It feels like time is dragging on pretty often so I am excited about any milestone at this point. Haha.
Let's see, anything new to share?...
...Chris and I have started working on the nursery. We got our paint and we have been prepping the walls this week. Hopefully he can start painting by this weekend. We are excited cause Chris's parents bought our lil' boy a crib which should be coming in very soon so we will get to start putting that together too.
Can you tell the nesting is setting in? :)
...I am trying not to freak out over weight gain right now. That is sort of an issue for me but I think I am doing alright at this point.
...I have another appointment next week. I have to do the glucose test thingy which I hear is not so fun cause it tastes gross but I'm not really worried about it. My doctor said at my last visit that it was extremely unlikely that I would have gestational diabetes but that everyone gets tested so we would make sure anyway.
...I am getting closer to settling on Zachary Paul for the baby's name. Chris loves this name. I like it too but haven't been able to settle 100% on Zachary. I still want to have another name for back up in case I don't think he looks like a Zachary once I see him, haha, but so far that is where we are leaning.
...Our lil' boy is around 2 pounds now and should be around 14.5 inches. His facial features are mostly developed by now too. I wish I could see what he looks like! :) Hopefully at some point we get the 3D/4D ultrasound but I haven't really talked to the Dr. about it yet so I don't know when or if yet.
...He is still extremely active. Always moving it seems like. It's funny to just lay there and watch sometimes. My whole stomach is moving around. Haha. It makes me feel like an alien or like I don't have control of my own body or something...which I honestly don't right now. :) It's so cool though to know that it's our own little baby in there and it's always reassuring to feel movement as opposed to not feeling any. I just can't imagine what it will be like when its a 7 lb baby prodding me from the inside instead of just 2 lbs. Oh my! :) Guess I will know what it's like soon enough!

Maybe we will have nursery pictures to share soon.