Saturday, September 12, 2009

28 weeks and stuff :)

Chris and I went up to stay with his parents on Labor Day. It was nice to get away and to see them, especially since we prolly won't be making many trips for a while once the baby comes so we were happy to get the chance now.
While we were there we got to stop and see Susan and Sep. Susan was my roomie in college and she is also pregnant. She is very close to her due date (lucky) :) It was nice to get to hang out for a while. We definitely did lots of baby talkin. Hope it is ok with you that I posted these pics Susan. :)
Here is me and Susan! And "Ladybug" and Zachary Paul of course! :)
Lily went with us to their house. They have a dog named Suka. It looks like they are getting along but it took a lot to get this picture. Suka was tryin to be the lady of the house and Lily was being a pansy so they pretty much were not best friends. It was funny to watch though.

k so this is 28 weeks and a few days. Getting bigger and bigger. Able to wear less and less of my wardrobe. Haha.

Chris's parents bought Zachary his crib and it came in this week. Chris and I put it together and I love it. It looks great! It didn't take us too long to do it either.

I went for my 28 wk appointment and Dr. said everything is still great. I'm measuring well and so far no major problems. I did the glucose test and they were supposed to call me Friday with the results but I didn't hear from them so I will call Monday to make sure everything was fine.

Other than that I have just been more uncomfortable at times. I don't sleep through the night - ever, without waking up cause something hurts. Haha. It's not that bad though. And I have started having pretty bad acid reflux the last few days but Tums has taken care of it so far. I have never had that problem before so I'm sure it's related to the pregnancy, I know its pretty common. I just hope it doesn't mean the baby has Chris's reflux thanks on the projectile vomitting. ;) We shall see!

I have also been dreaming about giving birth a lot lately. It's not realistic though cause it's pretty effortless and painless in my dreams. Haha! I wish!

3 more months to go!


  1. You look SO cute! and the nursery looks great as well. I love the colors you chose!
    So excited for you guys!!!! :)

  2. I can't believe you're still in normal clothes - I've already outgrown most of my maternity clothes...I'm wearing one of my dad's shirts today. Haha...shhhh! :)

    At least Lily is cooperating and smiling for the camera - Suka...not so much.

    It was great seein you! Can't believe next time we see each other, I will have a little human I'll be responsible for!