Friday, September 18, 2009

Glucose Testing

Guess who got to take the 3 hour glucose test?? That's :) I was totally not even concerned about it cause I was sure the results from my 1 hour test would be normal. But they weren't....barely. The "cutoff" for normal on the glucose test is test came back 132. (So close!)
So Chris and I went bright and early wednesday morning (up at 5:30) so I could do the 3 hour test. He was so nice to keep me company! :) The drink was even sweeter....and I now see why people say it's gross. It's not so much that the taste is bad per say...its just soooooooo sweet that it makes you feel sick. And sick I did feel. :) But I held it down. For some reason it gave me REALLY bad reflux though.
I made it through the fasting and the multiple needle stabbings and finally got to eat and got some sleep.
Found out yesterday that my numbers were normal this time which is GREAT news cause I definitely didn't want to have gestational diabetes.
Just a little bit of news for ya! Another appointment in 2 weeks.

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