Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This last Saturday Chris and I went to Charleston with the rest of the pastoral staff from church. Our new senior pastor started last month and he thought it would be a good time to get away and get to know each other's families. We were also going to take staff family pictures to update the website, etc. I honestly wasn't too excited about being 5 months prego in the pics just because I don't know when we will redo them again so I might be pregnant on the website for the next 2 years. ;)

It was a pretty humid day but it was a good time. I thought I would share some of the pics.

This is the whhhhole group. :) Nice lookin crew huh?
Here's us! This is about 24 and 1/2 weeks prego. Still have 15 wks to go......oh my. ;)
This is our new Senior Pastor Paul Johnson and his family. They are really a great family and we are so so happy to have them here and excited about the future of our church.
This picture kinda makes me laugh. Mostly cause they decided afterwards that wearing the same thing made them look like a boy band. Haha. They are going to try again on that one. :)
I just think this pic is too cute. Wesley (hangin on to the pole) belongs to Brad and Krista (youth pastor) and Ellis belongs to Paul and Erin.

Ha! Gotta love a group like this!

Friday, August 14, 2009

What a Week

Well I don't have any cool pictures or anything to post....even if I HAD had some they might be lost forever because our computer crashed this week. Fortunately we have backed everything up on an external hard drive but not since May so anything since then is long gone. :( I hate when stuff like that happens!

BUT the computer wasn 't the only thing that crashed this week....a deer also decided to crash into the side of the car while Chris was driving home....at 3:30 in the afternoon...on a regular very populated road. So weird! Fortunately Chris was not hurt at all. The car was pretty messed up around the front driver side fender but after some work from Chris it is at least drivable again (which is good because we considered getting a new one for a couple of days and....lets just say, its not an option :) ) Both of our cars have been having some trouble recently so this on top of that was not very encouraging but we are ok and still have 2 cars that are drivable at least.

I had my 24 wk appointment on Wednesday and everything was fine. I have started meeting the other doctors in the clinic (since you never know who will be on call when you go into labor). Our baby boy had a good heart beat and I was measuring just right according to the doc so good news all around. :)
On another note I am starting to feel exceptionally large at this point (which scares me when I still have 4 months left).

It has been a draining week. Basically Chris and I are fine but exhausted after a long long week with no days or nights off. I have been waking up (to use the bathroom) every night and then finding myself unable to get back to sleep for sometimes up to 2 hours each night so I am truly feeling EXHAUSTED at this point. I even took the doctors advice and took a benedryl last night but still had the same problem. Hoping to make up for that tonight by going to bed early cause its the only break we will have this weekend. Tomorrow its up and going by 7 to get to Charleston to be with the rest of the staff from church and their families for the day and then sunday we will be at the lake all day with our sunday school class for our class party....then here comes monday again. :) Oh my goodness I need a day off! Haha.

Here is a question for anyone who happens to have an opinion - what is a good price for each pack size of diapers?? I have wanted to start stocking up some but I never know when I am getting the best deal. Anyone know? Susan?? (you are the only one who ever comments - haha).

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

Ohh, and I almost forgot...
My very sweet and thoughful husband knew I was having a rough day and he bought me flowers! :) It definitely made the work day better.