Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost Parents

Chris and I will be parents sometime tomorrow! (unless he reaaaallly takes his time and then I guess it could be tuesday). We are both pretty excited and just ready for something to happen. I don't really feel nervous at this point but I don't really know fully what to expect so I'm trying not to anticipate anything and to just be prepared to take it in stride. We both relaxed today and took naps :). I'm not sure I will sleep much tonight so I'm glad we both got some rest this afternoon. We have to be at the hospital at 6am.
Finally have a few pics for ya.
This first one is kinda random but funny. It's Chris and me at Fazoil's. It was taken earlier this week when we went with Erin. She took it cause we have spent MANY dinners at fazoils throughout the pregnancy. It's weird cause we never went there much before but for some reason it sounded good to both of us a lot and they have some pretty good deals (espeically Thursdays) so we ended up there a whole lot. :) Basically we are recognized by the staff. Haha. Chris took this yesterday. This is a pretty common site. Our dog thinks she is a person and she LOVES laying with us like this. Since I've been pregnant, especially lately, she doesn't spend much time laying with Chris. I'm wondering what she will do once her pillow is gone and there is a baby in her place. ;)
Don't you just wanna squeeze her!! :)

Ok here is the last and final prego picture. I feel huge next to the tree. Haha! I think its the angle...and the fact that my tummy is quite large. :) I have been very uncomfortable this whole week and in lots of's hard to get up once I'm laying down. It's pretty funny though too.
Well, we would appreciate everyone's prayers tomorrow. I hope things go smoothly and quickly and safely. Hopefully we will be posting pictures of a beautiful, perfect little boy soon!!
I will be a mommy very!

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