Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drumroll Please......

I had another appointment today. 38 wks and 3 days according to the doctors schedule. Everything was pretty much the same, aside from the fact that I am in pain a lot more (this kid is getting bigger and bigger the longer he waits). :)
We did FINALLY get some ultimatum though - if nothing happens before then - we will be inducing on Monday. Yes, November 30th!
The doctor did a "thorough" exam in order to - as she said - try to help contractions start on their own. I like to call it - OWWW!!! Haha, it did NOT feel good. But so far nothing has happened today so we will see.
I know that once the process starts there is no stopping it but I feel ok about the fact that I at least know something will be set up for Monday if nothing happens before. I am just so tired of anticipating!!
Please be praying for us and the baby. Chris is really in his busy season at work, poor guy, and he is trying to get everything lined up and under control for the next several days so that he can be free when the time comes. I am anxious but trying not to anticipate pain or complication or the overwhelming experience we will be going through once he is here. :) I just wanna see him too!!
I've been having migranes the last couple of days. Didn't end up seeing the neurologist because he was "called out of the country on an emergency"...which they failed to let me know until I was ON MY WAY to the appointment. But really its ok with me cause I would rather see if there is still a problem after the baby is born or if it just seems to be pregnancy related before I go to a neurologist anyway. Doctor was fine with that.
Who knows maybe we will have a Thanksgiving baby....then we would all be holidays! (technically - if april fools counts). ;)
I know I have been HORRIBLE about posting pictures. I need to take some now since this is apparently the end. I am so huge I don't see how I continue to grow but it sure does hurt at this point. :) I barely have any clothes that cover me up. Anyway, I will try to remember to take a few pics but if not - you will have to wait til there is a baby to see pictures of. :) Woohoo!

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