Monday, November 16, 2009

So the Dr. Says...

I'm sitting here in Chris's office - still no luck with the internet at home. Thought I would give a little update cause I had another appointment this afternoon.
Nothing has changed since last Monday according to the doctor. Still 3 and 1/2 cm and 90% effaced. She says the baby is still sitting really low. (I am definitely well aware of that- VERY sore pretty much all the time now)
It took her a loooooooong time to find the heartbeat today which has never happened before but he kept moving out of the way. I would have been freaking out a little if I hadn't felt him kicking himself away from the machine. It was kinda funny. She said it's been a while since she has had one try THAT hard to get away from her. :) Once we FOUND the heartbeat it was fine though.
She said she was going to "let me go" one more week. We go back next tuesday and I guess if nothing has happened by then we will discuss inducing and stuff. She said she doesn't really think I will still be pregnant by this time next week though. I would be more excited about that comment....except that she told me 2 weeks ago that she didn't think I would still be pregnant last weekend, so really that could mean nothing.
I am getting pretty anxious. It's not fun to be this big and uncomfortable and STILL waiting on my baby boy to get here. I feel like we mentally prepared ourselves 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened and I'm just getting impatient. :)
On a random/interesting/weird note: I have had a couple of spells where I have had weird vision issues in the last week and 1/2. I didn't think much about it cause I know people say your vision can get worse while you are pregnant, but when I told the doctor today she seemed a little concerned. Basically, 2 separate times I have had spans where I cannot see correctly - as in, I try to read something and can only see half of a sentance or only portions of a page or screen and no matter how hard I try - I cannot focus on the rest. It's the strangest feeling. What made it a little more concerning is that the first time it happened I was also slurring words for a few minutes. (I think I tried to say one sentance to Chris 4 times in a row and there was one word I just COULD NOT spit out no matter how hard I tried.) I also tried to type an email during that time and had to keep erasing it because I was typing things....just not the words I was trying to type. It was SOO weird. That only lasted a few minutes so I let it go. Then my vision went all wacky again yesterday at lunch for about 45 minutes (no slurring this time) so I figured I'd better ask about it. The doctor said it COULD be nothing but that if it happens again she wants us to drop what we are doing and see her immediately because she wants to do some tests with my blood pressure. My BP has always been really good, even throughout the whole pregnancy. The doctor always tells me that mine BP when I'm pregnant is better than hers is when she isn't pregnant. But it's possible that something could be triggering it to increase at certain times and she just wants to check it if something similar happens with my vision or speech again. Hopefully it won't happen again.
So that is basically it. Every morning I wake up and wonder what I am waiting to feel that will let me know that I am in labor. I'm not looking forward to the pain, but I am looking forward to something happening that means our baby will be HERE. :)
Please oh please let him come soon! - as long as it's healthy for him to do so of course. ;)

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  1. Hey I had the SAME thing happen the last week I was pregnant with the blurring of words...I could only see part of the words so I could still read it but it was really weird and frustrating. I had high blood pressure when I went in for my appointments but it went back down after I lied on my left side. I would suggest just making sure you take it EXTRA easy and don't overdo it. But I'm pretty sure you're fine. ;)