Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rice Cereal

The smiles are increasing in frequency the last couple of weeks which is pretty awesome! But more importantly, the nighttime sleeping is increasing in hours! Keep your fingers crossed but Zachary has been giving us 6 hours between feedings through the night. Usually goes from 10 to 10:30 pm until 4 or 4:30. Then he goes til around 7. Hopefully we can cut out that middle of the night feeding in the next few weeks. He is on the right track though! He was stretching the time out a little on his own, but really I think its the rice cereal that we started mixing in with his milk for that 10 pm feeding. Several people recommended we give it a try and he hasn't had any problems with it so we are thankful for it! (we tried not using it one night to see if it was really helping and he only went 4 hours that we will stick with it)


  1. Christie & Chris,
    Hello from the Maghan's and Congrats to you all! We are SO very happy for you and your new little addition, Zachary! He is simply precious. We are just getting around to sending a little something your way... look for it to arrive soon. Hope all is going well. Brynne says Hello!!!! :)

  2. Haahaha, I got your comment on my blog. I thought about the 20 years down thing, but then I was like um... I was like 5 and I don't think I remember much when I was five. So I thought 10 is better. I think I remember words from when I was ten. They're mostly Spanish words though, but eh, it works eh. Eh. Thanks again for coming out to our show.