Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti and Partners in Health

Several months ago I randomly bought a book that caught my attention in a discount book store. It's called "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder. I had never heard of the book or the author but after reading the back of the book my interest was peaked. I would put this book near the top of my list of "life changing"...or maybe I should say "most educating" reads.

I don't think it is a book that EVERYONE would be as interested in, but I wish that everyone would read it. It shows the difference one person can make, and the sacrifice that this difference can require. It is about Dr. Paul Farmer and the organization he has started and maintained called Partners In Health.
I don't understand exactly where Paul Farmer stands spirituallly...I do know that he believes the words and message of Jesus Christ and I do know that he is living out that message and has inspired many others to do so.

Dr. Farmer has opened health clinics in the poorest areas of our world, the places he is told it will never help...and he helps. He doesn't only address the health needs of the people there either. Any need they have, he does whatever he can to help and his staff is taught the same. Partners in Health improves the lives of entire communities where ever they are established.

When I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, I immediately thought of the clinic there and wondered if it had been destroyed or not. As of now it seems that they were not but they are struggling and they are attempting to quickly respond to the needs in Port Au Prince right near them.

The country needs our help...the people there always do, more so than we often realize, but especially now. If you want more info, go to the partners in health website.

And check out the book too: (I hear there is sequel now too)

Also, here is a video of Dr. Farmer speaking about their efforts and why he does what he does. It was made before the earthquake so it doesn't reference it but it still lets you know what they do in Haiti and other 3rd (and what he calls 4th) world countries.

If you want to donate $ to help, this is a very trustworthy organization...all of your money will directly help the people of haiti who need it.

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