Sunday, July 19, 2009

20 Week Appointment

Chris and I went for my 20 wk appointment this last Thursday. I am halfway there!! SOO glad to be over that hump and on the other side. :) 
The news: Everything looks great according to the doctor. She said all the fluids around the baby were perfect, the organs and limbs and spine looked perfect and the size (11 oz) was perfect. Heart beat was also good. She said my weight gain was just right too but I'm not sharing what it is. :) 
Annnnnnnd YES we did find out what we are having. Annnnnnnd you just might be in luck if you want to know what it is because we aren't so sure that not telling people is going to work out. Actually, I already used a pronoun today that gave it away to one person, haha, but only once. 
So, if you want to know you can probably find out in the next couple of weeks but we aren't 100% sure what we are doing yet. 
We also thought we had settled on names for both a boy and a girl but I think I am backing out of the name we chose so we are back to square one on that too. :) 
I've had some pretty nasty headaches so the doc gave me a prescription but I haven't filled it yet cause knock on wood I haven't had one in over a week and she said that most people stop having them so bad after 22 weeks so I will wait and hope I don't have to take anything. (Tylenol does NOTHING).
Other than that the only interesting info is that our baby apparently moves around more than average. The ultrasound lady kept commenting about how active it was the whole time and so Chris asked the doctor if there was any correlation between that and overactive/hyper children. She said that they have just started doing research on that so there isn't really any evaluation at this point but that HER baby was very active in the womb and is NOW a VERY active we shall see. She said that since Chris and I both seem pretty calm we will probably have a calm child, but I say that's not always true. So we will just wait and see. It sure does move around all the time though. :) 
I keep forgetting to take pictures, I need to. I will post some soon. People are definitely able to tell now...although it's still pretty hard to tell when I am in certain scrubs. 
We and very thankful for the good news and hope things keep going well. :) 


  1. Ahhhh I'm so excited we might get to find out the sex after all! Septtro and I were saying we were just gonna get you neutral clothes just to spite you but now maybe we won't have to. Haha j/k :)

    Tell me, tell me!!

  2. Haha, we are gonna wait til tomorrow when we can tell my brothers first and sometime after that we will tell ya. :) Yay for no neutral clothes. ;)