Monday, July 13, 2009

18 wks

This is from about 16 and 1/2 weeks along. It's finally starting to show! :) So far, everything is still going well. I have had some pretty bad headaches off and on which is annoying because Tylenol does nothing to help and I can't take anything else, but other than that everything is good. I DID get sick for the first time a few weeks ago...but it wasn't normal morning sickness (which I haven't had at all). I actually just took my medicine (for thyroid which they started me on for the rest of the pregnancy and my vitamin) on an empty stomach, went to eat something a few minutes later, and needless to say, no more medicine on an empty tummy for me anytime soon. :) Around this point I was having some MAJOR sweet tooth cravings. Fruity candy please!!! :) But I tried to keep it under control. 16 wk doctors appointment went great. Dr. says everything is going well. We opted out of the blood testing for downs syndrome, etc. because my doctor assured me that we would be able to tell if that was a concern from the 20 wk ultrasound and because it most definitely doesn't change anything about whether we have the baby or not, I don't see the point. Apparently the blood test is USUALLY accurate but often reads positive when it shouldn't and I know I am the type to worry like crazy over things like that so we would prefer to avoid that possibility. :) 

PS - I am currently almost 20 weeks and will post after our 20 wk appointment this Thursday. But DON'T get too excited...YES we will be finding out the sex of the baby but we are keeping it a secret so there will be no giving it away. :) 

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