Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Booksneeze - Andy Stanley

Read Andy Stanley's new Book called "The Principle of the Path" and I really like it. It references the way that we often blame God or fate on situations we find ourselves in when in reality it is the position we have put ourselves in that causes them. In other words, life decisions we make have consequences because it is natural. For example: If you jump off a roof....you are going to land on the ground and the height of the building (not God) determines the pain it will cause. His point is that we can decide what type of principles will govern our lives and we can choose ones that take is in positive direction rather than a self destructive one. Its not a fix all for ever having tough things to deal with in life because tough things happen to everyones, but it a good gauge for managing your own actions and decisions to help yourself rather than hurt yourself in the future.

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