Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ok, back in December...before Zach's birthday party, we had some pictures taken with Danielle Buol Photography. We had planned to go somewhere nice to take them outside but it was freezing that day and Zach had been sick so we stuck to the house. Not as many options for nice backgrounds, but we got some cute ones anyway. Some were Christmas themed but some weren't. I'm glad to have them...its so weird though because Zach already looks a little different than he did when they were taken - it was only a month ago!! :(

Here are a few:I love that little hat - doesn't fit now!

Ok I do love this picture BUT I hate that you can see our missing base boards at the bottom...oh well. (We have FINALLY purchased the base boards...step 2 is putting them up, but hey its progress people!)

We ventured into the backyard for a few minutes. He wasn't very smiley then though because he was "exploring" which is apparently a very serious endeavor. ;)

Not sure what to do with all these leaves....

The best present ever!!

He is getting bigger every day. I don't even know where to start with the "new" stages but I feel like I talk about them too much anyway so I will spare you this time and only say this - I don't know how anyone gets anything done with a toddler around. I'm so not going to put a leash on my child, but I'll admit I can understand the temptation! ;)

Lets see...

We are currently busy, busy with the Upward Basketball and Cheerleading season at church. Zach loves to "go to practice" (no hes not on a team but I think he thinks he is).

We are anxiously awaiting warmer weather...the one bout of snow was plenty for me and I am done now thank you! (You try being locked away indoors with a toddler and see if you don't pray for the sunshine to come back too). ;)

Whats new for me?? Oh just doing what every mother does and trying to make a better plan to balance keeping up our house, being with my family, being smart with our money, eating healthier (thank you EatBetterAmerica for helping!), finding time for myself, working a bit, being at church (a lot!, haha), and still seeking the time/motivation to consistently work out.
Side note: I almost added "having a bit of a social life" to that list, but then thought about it and reminded myself that I really don't have one right now, haha! Anyone with young children knows what I'm talking about. Chris and I do try to get out on a date from time to time but that seems like thats as much as we can get for now. Ok, we do have friends that we hang out with when we can but when you all have kids it just changes what a "social life" looks like.
So yeah, I have a lot of plans and good intentions but I gotta be careful cause sometimes I think I have so many "ideas" that I just get overwhelmed with all of them and then I don't end up doing ANY of them.
I don't know - maybe just being content needs to come first...This helps!

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