Sunday, October 18, 2009

lil update

Well I was gonna wait til I had some pictures from the shower my sister threw for me last weekend to post antyhing but I have not been able to get them from my cousin yet so they will have to wait. Until then...thought I would update a little since I haven't in quite a while.
Lets see...
I am 33 and 1/2 weeks along now.
I feel huge.
No swelling yet, which is great. Still wearing the wedding rings and everything.
I have no clothes that fit....well, no long pants really which is difficult since it's been kinda chilly this week...I don't wanna buy anything else though - we are so close! Haha.
Doctors appointment this last Friday went well. I started getting a little sick on Thursday. It kinda came out of nowhere and hit fast - sore throat and drainage - but the doctor said my lungs sound clear and I didn't have a fever or anything. She suggested sudafed and rest and said to call if I get a cough or fever at far, just drainage and stuffy head and the sudafed does did the amazing amount of sleep I got on Friday afternoon and night. :)
I tried to get a flu shot for a few days last week, the only problem is NO ONE HAS ANY!! Everywhere I have called is either totally out, or out of the ones that don't have much mercury and that is the kind that pregnant people have to get. I don't understand why they even make one with mercury at all, but what do I know. My doctor said it's fine cause the flu that it is for does not actually come around until January, but it will be pointless for me to get one if it's not soon cause it takes the immunoglobins 4 weeks to transfer to the baby and if it's not going to eventually help the baby I'm not planning on getting it.
The baby hurts me a lot more now. Haha, he tries to stick his arms and legs in places that they can't through my stomach or around my sides. It's funny looking but painful. :) Least he's movin around well.
My sister and brother in law came in from Memphis last weekend for the shower that she threw for us. It was great and lots of fun. Things are starting to come together in the nursery.
I had an emotional week a couple of weeks ago - where by the time I got home from work I would just be crying for no reason at was weird cause I haven't had too much craziness as far as my emotions go throughout the pregnancy but my hormones must have been up to something then. It was funny but not funny at the same time cause i really was emotional...I just didn't know why. :)
It's crazy to think that we will have a baby here in like 6 and 1/2 weeks. Sometimes that seems like a long time and sometimes it doesn't at all.
So I guess that is all the news I can think of to share for now. I haven't taken pictures of my pregnant self in a while - hasn't seemed that appealing - haha!
Gotta go - I need to pee again. ;)

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