Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Shower

So yesterday my friend Erin threw us a baby shower. This is me and Erin. :) We have been close friends since high school.
My family also helped out a lot. My mom helped with the cooking and dad ran the grill. This shower was set up to be "guy friendly" :).
We had a cookout and no shower games. It was a lot of fun!
(ps - love how Lily posed for this picture)

Since Chris was invited to this one, he got to help open the wonderful gifts. :)

The food was great!
We really appreciate everything that Erin and Mom did to make the shower great and all of our friends that joined us and helped us get ready to the baby to be here.
I wish we had a picture of all of the guests together. It was cool to have friends from church, college, work, and family all together in the same place. :)
We missed those of you who couldn't be there. (And susan, I did not pull your picture out but we know you guys were still there in spirit. :) We do hope to see you soon though and to meet Rilynn!)

Only 5 and 1/2 weeks to go! I have another appointment this Thursday and hope to find out more about how things are progressing and if they think he will come "on time"....I don't know if they can give any prediction at this point but I am curious!
I feel like my stomach is weighing me down now. :) When I turn over at night I have to support it or its really hard to move! Haha. I'm starting to have more discomfort but still can't really complain. I feel like I have had a great pregnancy compared to the struggles and issues that some people have so even though its getting more and more uncomfortable, I don't wanna fuss too much.
The biggest pain so far has been some lower back pain that comes and goes. Last Friday it was pretty consistently bad but it went away by Saturday. It's probably just the weight of my stomach or how the baby is laying or something.
He is still quite active.
Some days I am soooooo ready to see him and have him here. I also know that I should be appreciating the last few weeks of baby-free life, which I am trying to do also. I tend to have adjustment issues with big changes so I am trying to prepare for the first weeks to be emotionally difficult , but we will see. :) It's almost time!!

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  1. Ugh - I'm so upset you didn't pull out our picture! Haha...hopefully we'll get to see you guys soon!