Friday, October 1, 2010

My Lil' Pumpkins

Our lil family headed out to the pumpkin patch this morning. Zach was all ready for a good time at the farm with his overalls and what not. ;)
We went on a hayride (that was supposed to be the haunted hayride but Zachary fortunately laughed at all the creepy costumes and signs) that took us to the pumpkin patch. We played around the barn, and we let Zach pick out his own lil pumkin - which he quickly proceeded to try to eat.

We also took lots of pictures. I did a little editing and thought I'd post a few. :)
By the way - I LOVE FALL!

Zachary and Daddy on the hayride

Zachary and Mommy by the barn

I Can't believe he is already walking! He has been taking off this week....

Sorting through the pumpkins - gotta pick the best one of course...


So the pumpkin patch that we went to (at Harmon Tree Farm) was actually a fake one. They just threw a bunch of pumpkins in the middle of a field - and it wasn't really done well cause the field was overgrown and hard to even walk through. BUT - the barn was fun to play around and they also have a petting Zoo and even a huge play area for kids with all kinda fun stuff to run around on, so it was worth it for sure and Zach had a great time on the hayride and our tour guide was great - but it was a bit expensive for 2 adults (zach was free).
Bottom line - we had a lot of fun together, we will definitely go back, we will not partake of the hayride to the fake pumpkin patch but will enjoy the rest of the farm for free, and you should too if you are in the area. :)

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