Thursday, September 2, 2010

How did this happen??!

This was 4 days ago:

This was 3 days ago:

This was 2 days ago:

This was yesterday:

This is today but will soon be a year from now!:

Some days I find myself sooo tired and worn out and thinking...I can't wait until Zachary can do more on his own. Some days I find myself sooo aware of the fact that he will never be a baby again and I'm so afraid I'm going to miss something. :) I guess I will probably always have both of those kinds of days. I am so fortunate to get to be home with my baby to see him grow each and every day. I swear, one day he can't smile, the next day he smiles; one day he can't roll over, the next day he rolls across the room; one day he can't crawl, the next day you can't catch he is pulling up on everything and standing alone. I'm sure the 1st step will be very soon. So exciting but still kinda sad.
So thankful for digital photography, we have captured so much and I can always look and remember. :)
Squeeze your baby everyday!


  1. You are so right Christie...I can't believe how much Carter is already changing...and how I'll never have 2 weeks like the ones I've had. It's a little harder to remember in the middle of the night when I CANNOT get him to burp...and he spits up everywhere, lol. I'm glad you wrote this though...just another reminder to be grateful for this particular day :)