Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yes I still get excited about coupon savings ;)

So we were on vacation last week which means when we got home I really needed to head to the grocery store, but I put it off until today. Zach and I went to Kroger and it turned out to be a better trip as far as savings than I had thought it would be. :) And since I'm a dork like that and it makes me happy - I am posting a blog about it.

We got everything pictured above (which includes diapers, gillette body wash, fresh fruit, cereal, milk, juice, toothbrush/paste, etc. - and even ice cream, mind you) and I only spent $30.34. Yep, thats right! The original bill on the receipt would have been $112.36...and I only paid $30.34. :)
Now part of that is thanks to coupons from the paper, also from and which load coupons onto my shopper card and can be used along with manufacturers coupons, also had some kroger coupons that print at the register and can also be combined with manu. coupons, AND we tranferred a prescription to Kroger pharmacy and they are running a special where you get $25 free on your shoppers card when you do that.
It helps to see the value of using coupons and looking for deals if you look at it this way.... diapers are around $10 normal price, gillette body wash is $4.50 (we got 2), a big box of cheerios is $4 (also got 2), and always pads are $6. That would total $33 normal price. So basically I paid for those things and EVERYTHING else I got was free!
I think I deserve quite a large Dr. Pepper for that one thank you very much. ;)

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